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the healing mud - Sarafovo

The Burgas beach of the pharaohs near Sarafovo

An article from "Health" newspaper

mud beach

The best balneologist with many years of practice in Bulgaria d-r Lilijana Nikolova comments for "Burgas post" upon the effect of the mud and the lye. Most of the people on the beach of Burgas salt-pits seem only to harm themselves, thinking that they cure themselves and rejuvenate.

                                                                   Katja Kasabova

D-r Lilijana Nikolova comments the essence of the treatement and advises what is useful and what - harmful.

The mud is a sedimentary product of the dosed salt lake, it is pure and homogeneous, dark gray to black in colour and emits a small of hydugen - sulphide from the many rotten microorganicsms. It contains, different salts, etc. This composition has been formed for thousands of years as a result of the rottening of seaweeds, fish, crabs, mussels. One centimeter of the healing mud is formed for minimum one year.

A man can see that the lovers of improvised mud baths in the Burgas salt - pits prefer to liein the grayish part of the mud field. It is good to know that more healing is the blade-coloured mud because it contains more hormones and antibiotics. Besider the fact that it cures almost all kinds of skin diseases, artlentis, hernia of the platelets, gynecological problems. t's not good onlu for tuberculosis, venereal and malignant diseases. It is irreplaceable for psoriasis. Some of the people stay fours in this natural bath. I recommend them that should do no more than 20 procedures 30-40 min. long

The most popular way to use the mud is the mud cover, which is already known by the ancient Egyptians.

The whole body or separate parts are doubled and are left to try under the sun rays

You should leave unoiled the part around the heart; you can smear the face, but not the whole head. After the mud dries on, the skin, you can coash it with the superficial warm water and only later you should dive into the sea. It is a mistake to daub your selp and immediately after that to roll in the sand of the beach, as I see that some do, probably thinking that the effect will be greater this way you make it impossible for the solar energy to penetrate and to interact with the useful substances of the mud over the body. If you suffer from the Becheterev's disease, or you have arthritis, you can dip into the part of the mud field, which is mixed with the reach in minerals water this is the so called mineral bath. There is a significant different of the salt-production and contains only inorganic substances - sodium - chlorade, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, etc/ It has a pain-soothing and refreshing effect. You should stay in the warm lye for no more than 20-30 min.


It is harmful to stay for hours because it impedes the heart activity. The ley helps by arthits, sciatica, pain in the platelets, etc/ If you want to sooth a skin disease or have a cosmetic effect you should stay away from the lye.

The most important thing is not to take mud baths when hungry and immediately after eating.

Hitler ordered three wagons of mud from Bulgaria

In the spring of 1945, when the Armenian contingent of Germany leaves panicked its bases in Burgas region, local people observe a strange scene. Exept for precios things and documentation, which have to erase the traces of the Germans in Bulgaria, three wagons turn out to be filled with … mud. The order was given by the high command of the Third Reich, that had been informed for the precious qualities of this Bulgarian natural resource years ago. The lye and the mud from the salt-pits were tested in German laboratories still 1942 and it was found out that their qualities are incomparable to any other deposit in the world.