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Sarafovo is one of the newest quarters of the town of Burgas, wich is the biggest town in South eastern Bulgaria, a regional, tourist and trade center. Sarafovo is also called The Bulgarian Beverly Hills, because it is s preferred place for living by many of the richer people of the town and it is famous as the quarter with beautiful houses.

Sarafovo is 10 km away from the centre of Burgas. There are over 4000 residents in more than 1300 houses..

It is situated on a hill on the very Black Sea coast, where there is a fine view to the whole Burgas bay, Pomorie, Sozopol. Burgas and the mountain Heights of Stranga Mountain.

Sarafovo disposes of a wonderf wide beach and sand stripe.

St. Nikolay Chudotvoretz in Sarafovo

The exellent combination of sea, sun and a convenient transport connections turn Sarafovo into an attractive resort. The number of hotels and places of amusement increases every season.. This gives the opportunity to more and more tourists to came and have their unforgettable holiday and peaceful rest on the Black Sea coast. Many of the houses offer cheap and luxury accommodation . A main livelihood and a priority of the quarter is tourism, and during the summer season the tourists from inland and abroad increase the number of the population to 10 - 12 000 people. A strong impetus to tourism gives the international airport of Burgas, which is less than 1 km away from Sarafovo. As well as the nearness of the town of Pomorie (7 km.) and the sa resort Sunny Beach.(25 km.) The reason that Burgas Beach region is so popular in Bulgaria and abroad is because it offers something for everyone, and any type of vacation.

During the whole year here live many foreigners, who have chosen Bulgaria for their home.

In progress is a procedure of building a modern yacht port, which is going to increase the quality of the tourist services.

The ambition of the settlement is to become "The European face of Burgas".

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